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02/06/06 Mong Reththy Droups Charges Against Paper. Activist Pleads Case From Kompong Cham Jail. Orphanage Warker Tells of Time With Angelina Jolie. Hun Sen: Disregard Funcipec's Infighting. Lawmakers Debate Letting Monks Fight HIV. Government Issues New Scanned Passports. New Party Ordered to Change Logo. UN: Birth Registration System Necessary. 17 Prostitutes Freed After Police Raid Hotel. Taxes, Trucks, Smuggling Top Investor Concems. Donors Deliver Aid.  


02/06/05 Rocket Attack Suspect Testifies in Thailand. Expert: Asymmetry Highlights Angkor's Mystery. Local Indians, Pakistanis Discount War. US Praises Gov't for Helping Montagnards. Protesters Call for Return of Kampuchea Krom. Women Mugged on Motorcycles Left Bruised and Fearful. Man Shot, Captured by Police Unaccounted for 2 Weeks Later. Multinational Infrastructure. Group Opens Cambodia Office. 


02/06/04 First Group of Montagnards Leaves for US. US Vietnams, Montagnards Share Bond of War. Beehive Chief to Become Monk. Experts Studying How to Track Traffickers. Gambling Stalls Drawing Fewer Than in 1998. Indan Minister Arri8ves. Government Phone Card Goes on Sale. Pirates Target VN Fishermen. UN Envoy Expresses Hope For KR Trial Negotations. Rains Hinder Construction of Road to Preah Vihear Temple. Sam Rainsy Examines Pliight of Reocated Poipet Villagers. ADB Loan Aimed at Solving Capital's Drainage Problem.  


02/06/03 First Group of Montagnards Leaves Today. Busy Time for Factories Means More Unrest. Prince Ranariddh Reportedly Planning Second Film. Unhappy Royalists Start Second New Party. Delegates Return From Disputed 'White Area'. Increased Harvests Threaten Cricket Population. Sar Kheng Visits Australian Police. Asean Police Cooperate. Researchers Call for Protection of Endangered Crocodile.  


02/06/01-02 Two Takeo Sisters Found Raped and Killed. Sam Bith Denied Bail Due To Escape Fears. Demonstration Teaches New Sef-Defense Style. Police: Gary Glitter Has Slipped Into Vietnam. Fishing Ban Approaches for Breeding Period. 


02/05/31 5 Convicted in Hotel Blasts. Funcinpec Sets Up Border Liaison Committee. UN Rights Monitor Arrives Monday. Soul-Searching 'Prelude' Opens Tonight. Hun Sen Won't Help to Replace You Hockry. Conservationists Urge Keeping Ban on Lvory. Villagers Protest Their Relocation From Pailin. NEC: Next Year's Election Will Cost Less. Girl Raped, Slain. Children Mistreated in Prison, Report Says. Opposition Lawmakers Spurn Medals. Japan Seeks Jutice in Attack on NGO Official. Shame Nations Into Cracking Down on Human Trafficking.


02/05/30 Disappearance Report Sparks Rights Fears. Rights Group Outlines Cambodia's Failures. Delegation to Investigate Land-Grabs. Moto Taxi Drivers Get Crash Course in Safety. Vietnamese Smugglers, Border Police Clash. Minority Languages Are in Jeopardy, Experts Caution. Angkor Temples, Versailles Become 'Sister' Sites. Government Anounces New Flood-Relief Network. Hun Sen Praises Completion of Controversial Power Plant.  


02/05/29 Police Angry Over Fees for Association. World Cup Bountiful for Gambling Franchise. Law Aims to Stop HIV/AIDS Misinformation. Official Who Shot Suspected Looter Rewarded. Report Calls for Higher Pay for Health Workers. Official: Prince Doesn't Know Effect of Incident. March, April Traffic Deaths Rise Slightly. Students, Monks Meet With King Over Border Disputes. Region Needs Phan to Fight Terrorism, Sar Kheng Says. Bridging Digital Divide Doesn't Require US Computer Giant. 


02/05/28 Speculation Over Sam Bith Case Abounds. Fakes, Commissions Take Toll on Souvenir Sales. ADB Director General to Visit. National Assembly Members Receive Honors. Officials: Large-Scale Illegal Logging Over. VN Returns 3 Arrested After Sea Battle. You Hockry Blames Bad Luck on Temple Ladder. First 50 Montagnards To Leave for US Soon. Thailand To Return Artifacts. Factory Workers Stage Strike. After Union Official is Fired. 


02/05/27 Sam Bith Ill, Lawyer Says. Cambodian Boxers Victorious Against Laotions. Ranariddh: PM To Help Replace You Hockry. KR Chiefs Describe Life of Poverty, Boredom. New Dump Opens. Union Activist Claims Death Threat. Cambodian Deminers Headed for Africa. More Sex Workers Using Condoms. Monks Rally in Protest of Tobacco Use. Conference Examines Rural Road Problem. 


02/05/25-26 US Considers Program to Restart Adoptions. CPP Officials Hold on to Disputed Building. Smugglers' Haul of Artifacts Seized at Border. King Apologizes for Thai, VN Land Grabs.


02/05/24 Sam Bith Arraigned, Charged With Murder. Hun Sen's Karaoke Directive Mostly a Memory. Ranariddh Withdraws You Hockry From Post. Judge Delays Verdict in Hotel Bombings Trial. Sok An, Thais To Discuss Oil Fields Dispute. Finance Minister Wants Customs Office in City. Sar Kheng Goes to VN. Former Japanese Ambassador Returns for Inauguration. Elephant Slayings Worry Conservationists. US Embassy Hikes Fees. Siem Reap Farmers Charged With Murder. Irrigation System Debuts. Microfinancers Can't Lend Money Unless They Make Money.  


02/05/23 Police arrest Sam Bith in Battambang -US television Broadcast spotlights Angkor Wat-Over 2,000 protest on You Hockry's behalf -CPP Funcinpec charges hurt coalition gov't -Factory workers strike-VN togrant tourists visas on arrival in hue-Australian police open Phnom Penh post-Newsman returns to highlight Angkor Watv instead of war -The Cambodia Daily mosquito net campaign.


02/05/22 Funcinpec's Criticism of CPP Grows. Explosive Growth in Siem Reap Not Enough. Angelina Jolie Back in Cambodia. 6 Felons in US To Return in Landmark Deal. Widow Appeals Case of Slain Funcinpec Activist. TV5 Gains Rights for World Cup Coverage. 4 Convicted of Burning Fisheries Office. 2 Students Knocked Out by Fireworks Blast. Workers End Striked Despite Refusal to Rehire Activist. EU Pledges $75 Million for Rural Development. New Philippine Ambassador Presents Credentials. Cambodia's Oldest Couple Visit King and Queen. Duties of Lawyers, Notaies Shouldn't Mix.  


02/05/21 Chea Sophara Orders Action On Immigrants. Conference Alarmed Over Cultural Decline. Thai Princess To Arrive Wednesday for Visit. Chakrapong Confims Formation of Party. Dangkao Mob Beats Suspected Thief to Death. Vehicle Tax Straight This Year, Governor Says. Montagnard Trafficker Caught, Police Say. Kompong Speu Vendors Braced for an Eviction. Rights Group To File Appeal for Custody of 11 Orphans. Money Is Obstacle to Saving Crumbling T Prohm Temple. Microfinancing Alone Will Not Eliminate Poverty for Farmers. Data Confused With Forecasts. 


02/05/20 Arrests Hint At New Route for Traffickers. Prince Moving to Create New Royalist Party. You Hockry Will Be Asked to Resign Post. 19-Year-Old the Latest Victim of Acid Attack. Ministers OK Draft on Weapons Restrictions. Victims of HIV/AIDS Plead for an End to Discrimination. CPP Officials Remember Victims of Khmer Rouge. Official: US Deportees Unlikely To Go to Prey Sar.  


02/05/18-19 Ranariddh: UN Support Essential for KR Trial. Vote Lets Sam Rainsy Secretary Keep His Job. GaryGlitter Says He Will Leave Cambodia. US State Sets Up Montagnard Enquiry Line. TV Imports To Be Banned from Prime Time.  


02/05/17 Ambassador: KR Talks Not Finished Yet. Eviction Treat Worries Kompong Speu Vendors. Malfunctioning Pump Causes River Blaze. Rights Group: Fishing Lot Laws Not Enforced. Airline To Increase Flights to Cambodia. New Program Airs. Teachers' Union Head Says Education Funding Skimmed. Decentralization Advances. Man Faces Shooting Charge. 


02/05/16 US Company Outlines Plans For Gulf Oil. Verdict in Hotel Bombing Trial Due This Week. You Hockry Asks Why He Is Being Fired. Police Chief Fired Over You Hockry Job Flap. Montagnards Nearing Resettlement in the US. Governor Says King Upset With Sam Rainsy. Minister Inspects Forestry Program. NEC Reform Bill Discussed. Meeting Stresses Local Gov't. Calmette Gets New Equipment. Hun Sen Boosts GDP Figures. 


02/05/15 Court Fears Delay Probe Of Killing. US News Show Set for Siem Reap Broadcast. Rights Groups Criticize Politician's Arrest. Lawmakers Grill Minister about Consultancy. Confirmation Hearings Set for New US Envoy. Minister Travels to East Timor for Ceremony. Expert Adoption Law Debated by next Year. Hun Sen Reaffirms Resolve for KR Trial Without UN. Part of Temple Roof Collapses. Landless Demand Gov't Action. Cham Villagers Cutting Forest. Gov't Isn't Keeping Its Promises to Donors.  


02/05/14 Court Rules Against Editor In Libel Case. Cambodian-Americans Decry Deportation Plan. French Radio Broadcaster Expands Transmissions to Sihanoukville. Ranariddh Will Approve You Hockry Firing. Assembly Reconvenes, Targets Postal System.Video Store Workers Suspected of Killing Boss Police Begin Census of Foreign Residents Today. Council of Ministers Blasts Beating of Monitor. Team's Encoding Effort Should Be Praised, Not Criticized. Minister Says Story Misleading.


02/05/13 Opposition Says Activist's Death Political. Pay Raise Not Enough, Some Teachers Say. Suspected Killer Sam Bith Sighted in Pailin. Official: City's Development Ignores Drainage. Ministers Clarify Job Requirements. Suspected Robber Killed. Endangered Dolphins Remain in Captivity. Microfinancing Practices Don't Help the Poor, Senators Say. King Assists Hungry Farmers. WWF Helps Gov't Oversee Wildlife Areas. 


02/05/11-12 World Bank Disturbed by Beating of Monitor. Despite Efforts, Fishing Disputes Continue. Wildlife Headed for Restaurants To Be Freed. Cambodian Dancers To Peform at VN Festival. 


02/05/10 You Hockry Allegations Stall Firing. PM's Dormitory Order Gets Positive Response. Athletes Return From Games With Big Medal Court. Student Enrollment Increases, Officials Say. Official: Thais Building Road in Preah Vihear. Cambodia, VN, Laos Discuss Border Control. Provincial Governors To Meet in Phnom Penh. Siem Reap Officials Stop Construction at Temples. 18 More Cambodian Children Cleared by US for Adoption. Woman Arrested for Selling Explosives to Hotel Bombers. 


02/05/09 British Sex Offender Frustrates Authorities. Camboddin Football To Back World President, NGO: Punish Culprits For Beating of Monitor. Battambang District Government Honored. Widlife Officials Look to Protect Endangered Cranes, Monks Consider Prohibiting Cigarette Smoking in Pagodas. Hungry Farmers Seek Rice;Land Reforms.Govt,IMF Discuss Poverty-reduction Goals.Committee Sends Order To Oust You Hockry.Govt Produces Film To Educate Fishermen.


02/05/08 Ex-Soldiers Hack Land Out of Remote Forest. Hun Sen Congratulates Burma on Suu Kyi Release. KR Torture Chief Not Eligible for Release. Sok An Says Sweden May Aid KR Trial. AIDS Sufferers Face Worsening Discrimination. Four Laborers Killed in Crash Avoiding Thai Border Police. 63 Foreign-Owed Clinics Ignoring Gov't License Order. Minister Says Natural Habitats Under Siege From Developers.  


02/05/07 UN Asked to Close Offices In Provinces. Activist Beating May Be Issue for Donors. Released US Alien Inmates To Be Jailed Here. Preah Vihear Temple Gets Night Lighting. National Assembly To Start Next Week. PM Lauds Chirac Win. New Survey Puts Information On Land Mines a Click Away. Police, Lacking Charges, Free Accued Cannibal Cremators. Remains of VN Soldiers Found.


02/05/06 Survey Shows Mines' Affect On Society. Groups Call For Justice in Beating of Activist. Culture Central to Prince's First Film. Governors May Be Next in Funcinpec Sweep. Pair of Cremators Accused of Cannibalism. VN Khmers Face Problems, Spokesman Says. US Citizen Dies in Motorcycle Crash. Ministers OK Draft for $1.4 Billion Request. Squatters and City Officials To Discuss Plans for Resettlement. Activist Claims Grenade Attack. Shirts Bought for Campaigns.


02/05/04-5 'Gary Glitter' Given Back His Passport. Election Killers Convicted, Some in Absentia. Forestry Monitor Beaten Up and Threatened. 


02/05/03 Hok Lundy Announces End of CFF Sweep. US Ambassador Leaves May 16. Sok An Says World Has Duty to Help in Trial of KR Leaders. Gov't Strikes Deal to Accept Cambodians Convicted in US. Trial of Accused Political Killers Concludes. 'Flame of Peace' Destroys 6,243 Guns. Ban on Illegally Copied VCDs Starts, Is Ignored.


02/05/02 Rights Group Watching Kompong Cham Trial. Peaceful Demonstrations Mark Labor Day. Man Arrested in Greek Construction Scam. King Defends Films. SOS Employees Resign After Negotiations Fail. Communes Struggle to Adapt. Logging Case To Be Reviewed. Sihanoukville Begins to Expand Port. 


02/05/01 Order to Oust You Hockry Nearly Done. Researcher Stirs Up Fisheries Conference. Cambodian Wins World Peace Scholarship. Official: UN Will Give Election Advice Soon. Gary Glitter Misses Passport Rendezvous. No May Day Respite for Dump Scavengers. Ceremony Bodes Well for Rice, Corn, Beans. Gamblers Severely Beat Commune Police Chief. Water Treatment Plant's Gains Subverted by Tainted Pipelines. Construction Work Leads to Sewage Overflow in Capital. 


02/04/30 CPP Won't Hand Over Commune's Offices. Doughnut Competition Squeezes US Immigrants. Infamous Pedophilia Suspect Resides in City. Embattled Ranariddh Releases First Feature. Montana Freed. Ranariddh: Elections Scheduled for July 2003. Union To Hold May Day Protest. Police Halt Protesters Bound for Hun Sen.'s Tacoma Home. 


02/04/29 Prime Minister Orders Recall Of Textbooks. Looting Still Threatens Cambodia's Artifacts. City Halts New Construction at Stadium Site. Hitman Suspected in Karaoke Actor's Death. New Books Explore Aspects of Khmer Culture. Union Organizer Accuse Factory Official. PM Praises Workers, Factory Builders. Strikers Return to Work. China Seeks To Build Channel at Expense of Cambodian Rapids. Cambodia To Get AIDS Relief. Mosquitoblitz' Set for Launch. Bar's Critics Don't Understand Cambodian Legal Profession.    


02/04/27 Prince Ranariddh Slams New History Textbook. Ancient Khmer Artifacts Returned From US. Report: High Risk of HIV/AIDS in Highlands. Union Dispute Ends in Compensation Deal. School Children Clear Banteay Srei of Litter. A New Commune Council Finds Cooperation its First Challenge. CD020427-28
02/04/26 Monitor Finds Violations of Logging Ban. Court Returns Children to Criticized Agency. Gov't Prepares $1.4 Billion Pitch to Donors. Defunct Airlines's Workers Imprison Manager. Funcinpec Meeting to Decide New Positions. Workers, Management Still Negotiating. Prince Sirivudh Chats with Chinese Official. Festival Honors Buddha. Team of US Doctors Brings Smiles to Cambodian Faces. Jumpers Build Friendships, Get Bird's-Eye View of Cambodia. Disabled Athletes Off to Games. Fund to Target Entrepreneurs. British Oil Company to Sell Stake in Disputed Zone. Company with Cambodian Factories Offers Stock.


02/04/25 Huge Amount Of Dying Fish Raises Alarm. Web Site Preserves King's Cinematic Legacy. UN Election News Proposal Draws Criticism. Repaired Roads in Anlong Veng Lead to Temple. VN Rips Rights Report. Workers Petition Sok An. French Ship Arrives. Burned-Out Squatters Aided. Rains Lash Banteay Meanchey. Dog Causes Aborted Landing. Striking Workers at Factory Decry New Working System.  


02/04/24 Adoption Investigation Agonizing for Families. Relatives of Japanese Who Died in Cambodia Given Medals. High-Tech Rice Mill's Exports Promising. Officials Say Cambodian Elections Improving. Former Kompong Cham Village Official Killed. Royal Air Cambodge Staffers Plan Protest. Mekong Officials Talk About Flood Prevention. Rubber Producers Seek International Stamp of Approval. Violence, Accidents Down Sharply From Last New Year.   CD020424
02/04/23 Group Details Persecution of Montagnards. O'Smach Officials See Growing Drug Trade. Hun Sen Praises New Year Celebration. Top Sam Rainsy Party Official Quits theParty. Regional Officials To Discuss Floods at Meeting. Kampot Man Accused of Killing His Neighbor. Conference Looting of Artifacts. Sam Rainsy To File Suit Over Garbage Contract. Drug-Control Officials From Vietnam, Cambodia To Meet. Commune Chief Pushes Ahead With Community Road Plan. Chea Sophara Offers Up To $1,000 for Overloaded Trucks.  CD020423

NEC Reform Bill Submitted By Funcinpec, Government Takes Shape in Oddar Meanchey, Gov't Gets Strict Over Royal Language    - 2 Accused of Trafficking Virgins to Cambodia- Officials Deny Gov't Torched UN Camp- Groups: Moto Drivers Should Wear Helmels- SOS Employees Return to Work- Hungry Teen Accused Of Strangling Girl     - Workers, GMAC To Discuss Transportation -Three Relatives Suspected In Slaying of Pursat Woman-Robbery Likely Motive after Mon's Body Found at Resort  - Phnom Penh Bans Large Trucks to Preserve New Roads.

02/04/20 UK bank closes down Phnom Penh branch-Rainsy back from US, renews graft claim-Young couple found in suspected suicide pact-Cambodia to thai military exercise-Prince Ranariddh and Chinese chairman meet  CD020420
02/04/19 Montagnards Tell of Flight. Funcinpec To Reshuffle Key Gov't Posts. EU Meets Gov't on KR Trial. Ex-Funcipec Fighters Feel Ignored, Still Loyal. Electrical Accident Kills Fish farm Workers. Alleged Ringleader Charged in Killings, Thefts. 16 SOS Medical Clinic Workers Strike. Youth Footballers Lose Match to Philippines. Disabled Runners Have High Hopes for Games in Malaysia. 2 New Year Deaths Reported. Official Killed, Teen Suspected.  CD020419
02/04/18 Montagnards' Journey to Freedom Progressing. Jolie Films 'Cambodian' Scenes in Thailand. Province Suffer Severe Shortages of Water. US Ambassador Plans To Retire in June. Participants Sought for US-Asean Conference. Armed French Ship To Dock in Shihanoukville. Chea Sophara To Build Radio Station Near Preah Vihear. Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover Marked With Prayers. Cambodian-Flagged Ship Collides With Turkish Ship, Sinks. UNHCR Spokesman Reports Threats Against Staff at Camp.  CD020418
02/04//17 Looted Artifacts Set for Repatriation This Month, Final Montagnards Leave UNHCR, Teacher Keeps Traditional Dance Alive in US, CPP Senate Expulsions Were illegal Group Says, Youth Football Squad Defeats Philippine Team, Photographer Brings Curious Collection of Phallic Photos, Celebrations Safer Dryer in Year of Horse, Angkor Wat a Nice Spot for Locals Tourists. CD020417
02/04/16 UN Camp in Mondolkiri Burned Down. Workers File New Complaints Against Factory. Publisher Who Accused King Receives Pardon. Cambodians Finding Work Illegally in Thailand. Thai Woman Dies at Poipet Baccarat Table. Unions Plan May 1 Rally. Governor Laments Loss Of Buddhist Traditions. More Restrictions Needed to Save Tonle Sap, Experts Say. New Year Both Good and Bad For Businesses. Opinion: In Heat, Rain, Happiness Is Paved Roads.   CD020416
02/04/15 Montagnard Transport to Phnom Penh begins -French actor visits Siem Reap -Ceremony gives prince fresh start in New Year -Newspaper editor's defamation trial delayed -India's offer rapped -Minister becomes monk -New Year's day a time for  prayer tradition and family -Rainsy to join S-12 ceremony -First domestic product trade fair shows signs of success CD020415
02/04/13-14 Report: Factories Still Flouting Wage Rules. Cambodia Helps Ratify International Court.
US Embassy Rejects Rainsy's Graft Claim. Montagnards To Be Moved to Phnom Penh. England's Princess Anne to Visit Cambodia, VN. 
02/04/12 Trial Delayed; UN Criticizes Vote Violence. CPP Abuses US Aid, Sam Rainsy Charges. Hun Sen Issues Order for Return of Artifacts. PM Warns of 'Forest Mafias' in Cambodia. CMAC Honors Staffers. Police Seek Arrest of Police Officer in Killing of Student. Route 5 Work Expected to Aid Commerce, Bolster Tourism. Taxi Drivers Enjoy New Year. Report Says Access to Media Wasn't Equal.  CD020412
02/04/11 Observer: VN Offering Cash For Refugee. Officials See Significance in India's KR Offer. Precipitation Predictors Start Early. King's Prayer for Rain Answered. Witnesses Finger Police in Midday Slaying. Indian PM Talks Business, Flies to Siem Reap. Two Says Drown While Trying to Cool Off. Hun Sen Calls for Fund To Light Rural Schools. Siem Reap Hotel Group Is a Step Forward, Officials Say. Workers Conditionally Agree To Work at New Factory Site. Nike Will Resume Cambodia Orders, Garment Officials Say. Bar Association Rejects Calls To Admit Qualified Graduates.   CD020411
02/04/10 Indian Leader Vows Support For KR Trial. Commercial Realities Strangle Musical Theater. Families Settle to End B'bang Crash Case. Kandal Man Gets Funds for Hygiene Project. Youth Football Squad Prepares for Korea Trip. King Claims 1970 Assassination Plot. Drought Possible in Rural Areas. Factory Worker Killed. Health Minister Wants Donors to Increase Direct Funding. ADB Forecasts 4.5 Percent Economic Growth Rate for 2002. CD020410
02/04/09 Adhoc Faults Police in Trio of Drownings. Youk Chhang Urges Journalists to Seek KR Truth. Visiting Indian PM To Talk Trade, Flights. Minister: VN Still Unhappy Over Refugees. Man Kills, Then Is Nearly Killed, Police Say. Audit Sought for Singapore Banking Corp. Hun Sen Promises New Roads if Re-Elected. Police Officer Considered for Two Gov't Posts Shot Dead. Travel Agent: Karaoke Ban Keeps Asean Tourists Away. Insurance Challenges Ahead As Companies Await Licenses. Ruling Will Silence Newspaper.    CD020409
02/04/08 Wretched Conditions Don't Deter Squatters. Optical Company Donates Eyeglasses to King. Advocates in Pailin Dispute Accused of CFF Involvement. Journalists Rip Judge's Order For Defamation Suit Payment. Two Gang Members Shot Dead in Robbery. Interior Ministry Official Found Dead in Lake. Water Park Makes Big Splash on Opening Day. Thousands of Dollars Donated at Book Event. Australian Rotary Grant To Help Hospital.  CD020408
02/04/06-7 NGO Training team teacher tibetans skills -Alleged pedophile's case postponed again-Fake or substandard drugs rife Gov't says -Helicopter crash victims honored buried  CS020406-7
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